Know It Consulting is a marketing consulting firm based in Istanbul, Turkey. At Know It Consulting we assist our clients in building their brands into leading brands through leveraging genuine consumer insights combined with best in class marketing practices resulting in winning marketing strategies. With years of experience in various kind of brand building projects in Turkey and the MENA region Know It Consulting is the best partner to assist you in overcoming your marketing challenges.

Vision & Mission

In today's society consumers don't buy just products or services but they buy an experience that the brand offers them. In order to delight your consumer and offer this experience as a company you need to know your consumer. You have to know how she lives, how she shops, how she thinks. Know it! At Know It Consulting it is our mission to do everything we possibly can to assist our clients getting to Know It!

Typical Client Results

"Improved ROI through optimized go to market strategy focusing on key channels and outlets"

"Increased brand awareness and -equity through consumer insight grounded marketing campaign"

"Increased consumer appeal and profitability through portfolio optimization"

Our Latest Article

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